Newbie Question for Windows

Vincent Torri
Fri Sep 17 05:30:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Buck-C wrote:

> A friend of mine that has a fair amount of C programming experience and I,
> who has no experience in programming in C, are looking for a common compiler
> on which he can program and I can learn to program in C (and all variations,
> C++ etc.)  I am familiar with the Microsoft Visual methods of programming in
> various languages and applications.  Primarily I would like to learn and use
> the C compiler/GUI on Windows, but I would like to think that what I learn
> can carry over to the Linux box as well, should I decide to program in
> Linux.  From what I understand, GCC and its various libraries are available
> for Windows.  Neither of us has ever worked with GCC and know nothing about
> it.  Below are several questions.  Thank you all in advance for your
> patience and answers.
> From where do I download GCC for Windows in a usable format? 

You could try mingw : There are two packages there
: mingw which provides headers and libraries and the gnu compilers, to
compile native windows programs and libraries, and msys, which provides
all the autotools, commonly used on linux.

> I followed the GCC website but got lost somewhere.  I think I found it
> somewhere in .HZ format but I have no way to unzip it.  
> Does GCC or any other freely licensed version have a GUI interface such as
> MS Visual C?

There exist some IDE : dev-c++ ( or
Visual-mingw ( or Mingw Developper
Studio (, see products)

> Is GCC a good compiler on which to learn C?
i think so. It is more close to the norm than microsoft products

> What all do I need to download and install to have a complete and usable
> compiler?
see web site, and its mailing lists for further information.

hope this help


Vincent TORRI

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