Great g++ bug! Local destructor isn't called!

Tony Wetmore
Wed Mar 10 15:57:00 GMT 2004

Interestingly, ~Object() is also called if you ADD a "throw(int)"
specifier to the FromBase::Run() method that invokes the Raiser
constructor.  Tested on Linux with GCC 3.3.1.

Tony Wetmore
Raytheon Solipsys

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Hi Lev,

I notice that if the throw(int) specification is taken off the Raiser 
constructor, then the ~Object() is called with -O3.

(I'm using GCC 3.3.1 on CygWin / Windows XP.)

Very odd.  Good catch.  Have you filed a bug?

BTW, in general, I've found that it's usually best NOT to put in throw 
specifications for functions / methods.  Ever.  (This restriction does
apply to putting in the "throw() -- I throw nothing, ever" 
specification.  But even that should be used with great caution.)

If C++ did exception specifications like how Java does them, then that'd
a different story.


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