filebuf attach method source code.
Tue Jul 6 21:31:00 GMT 2004 writes:

> Greetings,
> I have been looking for the source code for the attach method that used to
> be part of the filebuf class.

This has been replaced by the __gnu_cxx::stdio_filebuf class, as
    documented at: . (However, it's changed a few
    times, so check the version-specific docs.)

The original attach source you can find at: . Look
    in and liboP.h .

> I am attempting to compile a program that
> uses the attach method to attach a filebuf object to a pipe.

According to its docs, the stdio_filebuf class can be opened on a file

> I have very
> little time to get this program compiled, so the quickest fix would be to
> create a new filebuf class in a local header and add the attach method to
> it.

I really doubt this will be 'quick'.


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