custom CPU porting : guidance please

sashti srinivasan
Sun Dec 19 09:57:00 GMT 2004

   I like to port complete gcc tool-chain including
gas,gasp,ld,binutils... to a custom CPU.  May I
request the mailing list the following:

  (1)  I intend doing it as a single man during
leisure time.  Please suggest me in approximately how
much time (in terms of hours) can I expect this port
to complete.

  (2)  Where can I find the documentation and other
resources regarding how to do the port.

  (3)  The goal is to port the tool-chain and build
operating systems like RTEMS, Linux etc. for this CPU.
 I will be very thankful to receive some broad

  Please guide me in carrying out the port.

With regards

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