compiling an old c++ program: where is String.h ???

Andreas K. Huettel Andreas.Huettel@Physik.Uni-Muenchen.DE
Thu Apr 15 17:19:00 GMT 2004

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#]> However, I cannot find anywhere any reference to the header file 
#]> "String.h" (yes, uppercase) that seems to have been included earlier in 
#]> a libgpp.rpm, part of the gcc package.
#]If this is the old, long-unmaintained libg++, I think you are out of
#]    luck. 
#]You can still get libg++ from , but it
#]    does not compile with current gcc.
#]I suggest you try contacting your linux distro insearch of a
#]    libgpp.src.rpm, or whatever they call the source rpm.

Thanks, I'll try to get something. However as far as I can see, the last 
time it was included, the libgpp rpm was built from the gcc source rpm (in 
addition to gcc), so this may not work.

Since I might have to rewrite a lot, do you (or anybody else on this list)
accidentally know any good introductory C++ book that gives a decent
description on how to work with strings (in a way that won't be obsolete
soon ;-) ?  I mean, for somebody who has done some programming, but does
not have much C++ knowledge?

Alternatively, are there good web resources?

Thanks a lot & kind regards, Andreas

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