Problems when building gcc 3.2or 3.3 as cross compiler for powerpc-linux

Richard Sewards
Mon Jun 2 15:22:00 GMT 2003

Hi Nick,

I have an apparently working gcc for powerpc linux now. I was able to
create it using the kluge many stage partial builds, but fixing
config/rs6000/linux.h has also worked and allows the use of your 3 stage

I also had to force inhibitlibc (by modifying the gcc/configure script)
to be set for both the minimal gcc and the full gcc using glibc.
(Actually, inhibitlibc is set if you configure gcc with --with-newlib,
which works for the minimal gcc.  For the full gcc this conflicts with
glibc and there is no other way to get -Dinhibitlibc to be set.) 

I have attached a patch showing what I changed.  It seems that when the
threading model is set to posix (the default for linux) the threading
headers include signal.h and other files from glibc and these conflict
with linux/signal.h and asm/ucontext.h which work when the threading
model is single (as used for a minimal gcc).


Richard Sewards

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On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 11:36:49AM -0400, Richard Sewards wrote:
> I think I have found a solution by adding more steps:  I install the
> partially built minimal gcc (without libgcc.a) and use this to build
> glibc.  This fails because it cannot create the shared objects (it
> libgcc.a).  However, if I do "make -k ; make -k install" I get an
> installed set of header files.  I then combine these with the kernel
> headers and use this new header collection (using --with-headers=...)
> reconfigure the minimal gcc, which now builds successfully. 

Might be usefull, as a last resort, but, you must agree, it's too
much of a kluge!
> I might try modifying gcc's config/rs6000/linux.h such that it doesn't
> need the glibc headers as an alternate solution (probably a better
> in fact).  It should include "linux/signal.h" and "asm/ucontext.h"
> instead of "signal.h" and "sys/ucontext.h", but there may be other
> structures used too.

If you try this, please drop a line to let me know if it works


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