slow execution speed when compared against visual c++

Sat Jan 4 17:00:00 GMT 2003

I noted in you original post that you said you were running on a
Pentium 4.

At work we have a scene generation program that runs in Cygwin.
I did some timing studies several months ago, compiling with,
I believe gcc-3.11.  I found that, for our code, performance on
the P4 was very sensitive to processor specific optimizations.
I don't have my notes in front of me right now, but you do know
there are options in the newer version of gcc to do things like


Again, going from memory, I seem to remember some somewhat quirky
results from -ffast-math.

By the way, what version of Visual C++ were you using, out of curiosity?

One final note, there is a MingW/gcc IDE that is free and reasonably
good, its called Dev-C++.


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