ELF instruction for section and branch.

Gagneet Singh gagneet@acmet.com
Wed Dec 24 11:16:00 GMT 2003

I tried using it for MIPS but I think it is not defined there, but it
work perfectly for x86 ELF.
Will have to get more info on this from the MIPS people.

Thanx for the advice. 

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> Gagneet Singh wrote:
> > I wish to compile and link the example in the x86 architecture with 
> > ELF format as output, how will I do that and specially is that 
> > possible??
> It works fine with x86 and plenty of other architectures.
> You may also find the ".subsection" directive useful, if all 
> you need is for some instructions to be out of line.  It will 
> put the code in a separate subsection at the end of the same 
> section in the object file, so the offset can be calculated 
> at assembly time instead of link time.
> -- Jamie

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