help on soft-float

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri Dec 19 14:58:00 GMT 2003

Liu Hongming <> writes:

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> I am using gcc cross-compiler for mips bought from some vendors,
> and it doesnt support -msoft-float option(I dont know why it is a difficulty). 
> I have reviewed the source codes(gcc 2.95.3 with specific patches),
> and I think I still need help.
> Anyone could give me any advice about this?Since I am a newbie 
> on gcc for mips,and I am not confident in modifing it now.Any advice
> or information is appreciated! 

If you bought a cross-compiler from a vendor, you should contact them

What precisely do you mean when you say that the compiler does not
support the -msoft-float option?  What happens when you use it?

A normal gcc cross-compiler for MIPS will support -msoft-float.  If
your vendor modified that somehow, then you need to talk to them, not
to us.


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