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Well, it looks to me that libnewt uses stuff from another library that's not being included on the command line in the test.  That is, SLang_getkey is probably not from libnewt, but libnewt uses another library that defines that symbol (probably libslang-utf8 - at least that's what it's linked to on my system).  The shared version of the library will have been linked to this other library, which would cause it to be linked in automatically when using the shared version.  That's not possible with the static version, however.

In order for the test to succeed, that library would need to be added to the command line for the test.  Reinstalling the RPM or installing the source RPM will not make any difference.  The problem is not with your newt library.  Rather, the problem is with the test for libnewt.  This is a case of a developer expecting the shared library to be used, and so all they worried about was the ability to link to libnewt (like I was saying before).  Unless there's a configure option that will allow you to specify extra libraries to link to (run "./configure --help" to see which options are available to you), or to cause the test to be disabled (so that it just assumes the library is there rather than testing for it), probably the only way that you're going to get this to compile is to edit the configure script to include '-lslang-utf8 -lm' after '-lnewt' in the test.

Do you really need to have this program linked staticall?


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here is the last lines in config.log do they tell you any thing. What
they are telling me is that the 
linker is using that path then, it's going up again to /usr/lib
One more thing to mention, is that the error is generated after it finds
In other word the rpm package I have on my system doesn't have this
feature or options enabled.
well, I  installed both the library and it's devel package, then I
installed them again from the source
code and when they didn't work I removed it and reinstalled the rpm.
I think i should try the  source installation after enabling these
options. and then we will see.
Do u have any better idea ? 

configure:958: gcc -E conftest.c
configure:977: checking whether gcc accepts -g
configure:1010: checking for newtInit in -lnewt
configure:1029: gcc -o conftest -g -O2    -static conftest.c -lnewt  
/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/2.96/../../../libnewt.a(newt.o): In
function `newtFlushInput':
newt.o(.text+0x51): undefined reference to `SLang_getkey'
newt.o(.text+0x5b): undefined reference to `SLang_input_pending'

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