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Ok Lely:
I think I'm almost there. Now what ??
here is code section from configure what should I change ??
Exactely ???

echo $ac_n "checking for newtInit in -lnewt""... $ac_c" 1>&6
echo "configure:1010: checking for newtInit in -lnewt" >&5
ac_lib_var=`echo newt'_'newtInit | sed 'y%./+-%__p_%'`
if eval "test \"`echo '$''{'ac_cv_lib_$ac_lib_var'+set}'`\" = set"; then
  echo $ac_n "(cached) $ac_c" 1>&6
LIBS="-lnewt  -lslang-utf8 -lm  $LIBS"
cat > conftest.$ac_ext <<EOF
#line 1018 "configure"

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003 14:55:07 -0700, lrtaylor@micron.com said:
> Well, it looks to me that libnewt uses stuff from another library that's
> not being included on the command line in the test.  That is,
> SLang_getkey is probably not from libnewt, but libnewt uses another
> library that defines that symbol (probably libslang-utf8 - at least
> that's what it's linked to on my system).  The shared version of the
> library will have been linked to this other library, which would cause it
> to be linked in automatically when using the shared version.  That's not
> possible with the static version, however.
> In order for the test to succeed, that library would need to be added to
> the command line for the test.  Reinstalling the RPM or installing the
> source RPM will not make any difference.  The problem is not with your
> newt library.  Rather, the problem is with the test for libnewt.  This is
> a case of a developer expecting the shared library to be used, and so all
> they worried about was the ability to link to libnewt (like I was saying
> before).  Unless there's a configure option that will allow you to
> specify extra libraries to link to (run "./configure --help" to see which
> options are available to you), or to cause the test to be disabled (so
> that it just assumes the library is there rather than testing for it),
> probably the only way that you're going to get this to compile is to edit
> the configure script to include '-lslang-utf8 -lm' after '-lnewt' in the
> test.
> Do you really need to have this program linked staticall?
> Cheers,
> Lyle
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> Lely
> here is the last lines in config.log do they tell you any thing. What
> they are telling me is that the 
> linker is using that path then, it's going up again to /usr/lib
> One more thing to mention, is that the error is generated after it finds
> libnewt.a
> In other word the rpm package I have on my system doesn't have this
> feature or options enabled.
> well, I  installed both the library and it's devel package, then I
> installed them again from the source
> code and when they didn't work I removed it and reinstalled the rpm.
> I think i should try the  source installation after enabling these
> options. and then we will see.
> Do u have any better idea ? 
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> configure:958: gcc -E conftest.c
> configure:977: checking whether gcc accepts -g
> configure:1010: checking for newtInit in -lnewt
> configure:1029: gcc -o conftest -g -O2    -static conftest.c -lnewt  
> 1>&5
> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/2.96/../../../libnewt.a(newt.o): In
> function `newtFlushInput':
> newt.o(.text+0x51): undefined reference to `SLang_getkey'
> newt.o(.text+0x5b): undefined reference to `SLang_input_pending'
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
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