Way to use g++2.96 lib in g++3.x compiled app?

Brian Olsen bolsen@pixxures.com
Wed Dec 3 20:45:00 GMT 2003

The folks at Lizard Tech have a g++ 2.96 compiled library for decoding 
the MrSID image format.  I emailed them about getting a g++ 3.3 compiled 
library instead and they blew me off.

Anyways, this doesn't fix my problem of having to integrate this 
library.  I don't want to back port all my code just because of a stupid 

My idea to get this to work is:

- Write a 'c' wrapper with the minimal functionality I need.
- Compile 'c' wrapper with g++ 2.96
- Resove the libstdc++ and MrSID library symbols in the 'c' wrapper 
using g++ 2.96.

This should leave only 'c' compatible symbols in the wrapper .o file.

I've already written the 'c' wrapper and can compile it no problem.
But what I don't know is how to selectively resolve symbols from just 
the 2.96 libstdc++ and MrSID libraries.

Can anyone point me to what options for ld (if any) or some other 
binutils type utility that I could use to do this?

Or am I just plain SOL?

bolsen at pixxures dot com

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