Need help regarding gcc testing

Mamatha H.M
Thu Dec 4 06:23:00 GMT 2003

i'm Mamatha, 
I need to know how to test gcc itself.
I have gcc installed(version 3.2.2 on redhat linux).
(and i have cygwin and gcc on windows also)
	I'm having starting problem and few questions.
i want to download some test suites and test it on the
existing gcc which will help me to understand more.
I spent lots of time in searching to download only
i did'nt find a link to download testsuites.
(I think if i down complete gcc, testsuites will also
get downloaded, but i want only testsuites)

please give me a link to download testsuites
and if there is any doc or site which will help me to
start fast 


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