AW: AW: Error: C++ Exception Handling on AIX 4.3 with gcc 3.0.1

David Edelsohn
Thu Sep 5 07:54:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> Rene Wutschitz writes:

Rene> I build the gcc myself because i couldn´t find a prebuild binary.
Rene> In the installation instruction i didn´t see something specially for
Rene> AIX.
Rene> Maybe you can help me?

	The GCC website ( has a link on the left-hand
side under the heading "Download" to pre-build binaries.  The website also
has a link on the left-hand size under the heading "Docs" to installation
instructions.  The "Installing GCC" page has a link to host/target
specific installation notes with the comment:

"Before starting the build/install procedure please check the host/target
specific installation notes. We recommend you browse the entire generic
installation instructions before you proceed."

	Please make use of the website information which is provided to
answer these types of questions.


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