cross-compiling problems

Rupert Wood
Wed Oct 9 01:23:00 GMT 2002

An afterthought:

> Azmir Ibrahim wrote:
> > i already downloaded gcc-2.95.3 , newlib-1.10.0 and binutils-2.13

You might hit problems with binutils-2.13. I think there was something
broken with the Solaris linker for C++, although I'm not sure if that's
specific to the newer C++ ABI(s) in the GCC 3.x series.

2.95 shouldn't need a bang-up-to-date binutils; you should be safe falling
back to 2.12.x.

> You shouldn't use newlib to target Solaris; you should get the
> /use/include tree

and a typo - should have been /usr/include.

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