Visibility of C++ class private symbols (as compared to static)

John Carter
Thu Oct 3 15:35:00 GMT 2002

On Wed, 2 Oct 2002, Vivenzio Pagliari wrote:

> In theory, class Foo could be implemented in different compilation
> units and thus require external linkage of the symbols. Even more,
> the resulting object code could be split up in different libraries
> (eg. Foo::bar(int) in and Foo::s_ in,
> requiring eg. the entries in the dynamic symbol table.
> But who does this or who needs this??

I suspect nobody does and nobody should, but to change the compiler so 
that it didn't would make it non-standard. (I can imagine one place where 
I would use that feature, suppose some of the class implementation is 
crafted by hand, some of it generated.)

Conversely it shouldn't ever be a problem to you unless you are getting 
name space conflicts. At which point you should start using the namespace 
feature of the standard anyway.


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