embedding gcc?

Ben Dougall bend@freenet.co.uk
Tue Dec 10 06:18:00 GMT 2002


> GCC seems to be actually too big for your scripting system needs to be
> distributed easily.

Size isn't an issue that effects embedding or not embedding. If my app 
requires GCC, whether it's embedded or not, will still result in the 
same total download size – the difference would be one download and 
install, or two separate downloads and installs.

> In fact make sure to read the license agreement, you might not be able
> to do this legally, I mean sell the freely distributed software with
> your software bundle as if you did something new.  I believe GCC has to
> be distributed in its own package, NOT in such bits and pieces for
> profiteering...

As I understand that sort of license, so long as you keep the source 
code open it's fine – you can do what ever the hell you want with it. 
If you're mingling your code with their code, that would mean your own 
code would need to be open source too.

But what I want to know about the technical side of this. How, 
technically could I go about this? Any pointers as to where or how to 
start? I'm also thinking there must have been a previous project that 
needed to include GCC in some way and would be very interested to know 
if anyone knows of such a thing?

Thanks, Ben.

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