ahem...problem between the chair and the keyboard

Alain Toussaint nailed@videotron.ca
Sun Sep 9 10:28:00 GMT 2001

Hello Everyone,
        i'm building a set of floppy (2,one with linux kernel and the 
other for userspace stuff) to transform my 486 into a router but i seem 
to have a problem with gcc (2.95.3),it's because when i originally 
rebuilt it,i included i686 optimization in the buildup (via the 
-march=i686 and -mcpu=i686),my result are that the kernel run fine but 
init wont start at all,no error message is given when booting up the 
pair of floppy on the 486 so i have a few question:

1-: when gcc is built with the -march=i686 and mcpu=i686 switches,does 
the resulting gcclib.a include i686 optimization ??

2-: does all my software (except the kernel,it run fine) are linked with 
gcclib.a ??

3-: if 1 and 2 answers are yes,to build software for the 486,i would 
have to build a 486 specific gcc and build all the 486 software with it ??

please send reply to me as well as the list (if needed) since i'm not 
(yet) on the list.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Alain Toussaint

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