Elementary makefile questions

Rupert Wood me@rupey.net
Mon Nov 26 04:08:00 GMT 2001

Kabir Patel wrote:

> I had problems running step 3 (see below), and wanted to know if my
> configuration was correct.

Yes, that looks OK - it identified the system type, found a C compiler
and ran to completion.

However, note this line:

> checking whether make sets ${MAKE}... (cached) no

This means that at some point in the past the configure script was able
to successfully run 'make'.

> I ran this and got the following error message:
> make  all-recursive
> sh: make: not found
> *** Error code 1
> make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `all-recursive-am'
> I do not know why this message occurred. Could somebody tell me why?

The shell can't find the Sun make. Check that you have it installed: it
should be in /usr/ccs/bin. Try:

    ls /usr/ccs/bin



The latter will invoke it if you do have it, and the build should
complete. I'm guessing that you do have it (because of the configure
above) but you don't currently have it in your PATH environment. You can
either just invoke it with the full path to the binary (as above) or you
can add /usr/ccs/bin to your PATH environment. Using the default shell,
you can type:

    export PATH

If you don't actually Sun make, then you can try running the 'build.sh'
script in the GNU make source directory instead; this should build GNU
make without requiring the Sun make.

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