Elementary makefile questions

kabir.patel@uk.andersen.com kabir.patel@uk.andersen.com
Mon Nov 19 02:59:00 GMT 2001

>>If you don't actually Sun make, then you can try running the 'build.sh'
>>script in the GNU make source directory instead; this should build GNU
>>make without requiring the Sun make.

I am trying to build the GNU make without the SUN make. When I run
build.sh I get the following output:

$ build.sh^M
compiling ar.c...^M
compiling arscan.c...^M
compiling commands.c...^M
compiling dir.c...^M
compiling expand.c...^M
compiling file.c...^M
compiling function.c...^M
"./function.c", line 238: warning: semantics of "<=" change in ANSI C; use expli
cit cast^M
"./function.c", line 1686: warning: semantics of "<" change in ANSI C; use expli
cit cast^M
compiling getopt.c...^M
compiling implicit.c...^M
compiling job.c...^M
compiling main.c...^M
compiling misc.c...^M
compiling read.c...^M
compiling remake.c...^M
compiling rule.c...^M
compiling signame.c...^M
compiling variable.c...^M
compiling vpath.c...^M
compiling default.c...^M
compiling version.c...^M
compiling getopt1.c...^M
compiling remote-stub.c...^M
compiling gettext.c...^M
"./gettext.c", line 712: Illegal number 4294967295U^M

After running this I cannot see a make file in this directory. Is there meant to
a new make.exe after running this? If so, where? What does the last line mean?

Thanks for your patience

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