Makefile question

Claudio Bley
Fri Nov 16 12:13:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "kabir" == kabir patel <> writes:

    kabir> As you are probably aware I don't know much about C
    kabir> installation, so here's another straightforward question:

    kabir> I initially had a make.exe file in /usr/ccs/bin/ that must
    kabir> have come into existence during my SUNWspro installation.

What do you mean by 'had' -- did you removed it?

    kabir> I want to generate a new make.exe file, using the gnu
    kabir> source files. I downloaded them onto my Solaris machine.

    kabir> Now, I was under the impression that if I ran the
    kabir> ./configure file a new make.exe file would be generated. Is
    kabir> that right?

No. configure configures the source tree - just as the name suggests.

    kabir> I have run the script and it doesn't generate a new
    kabir> make.exe file (though it generates a Makefile in ..glob/.

    kabir> How do I generate a make.exe file, if the above is not the
    kabir> right way.

PLEASE, read the installation instructions! They are indeed straight
forward and not hard to find. Usually every project has a INSTALL file
in the source tree, these are the installation instructions. Also, you
should find a README file in the top level source dir -- well, *read*
it as it may contain important information! 

The usual steps to configure, build and install a package are:

make install

You need a make program in order to build packages. Either your
installed version will do or you'll need to download a precompiled
(binary) version of make.

Btw, what OS are you using? Anyway, I'm pretty sure you'd find a
binary package for your host on the internet.

    kabir> Thanks Kabir


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