Compile Errors After Upgrading to GCC 3.0.2 from GCC 2.95.2

Claudio Bley
Thu Nov 15 05:07:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "dannyngo" == dannyngo  <> writes:

    dannyngo> Hi, I have a source file that compiles successfully with
    dannyngo> g++ 2.95.2 but not with g++ 3.0.2.  I'm running it on
    dannyngo> SuSE Linux 7.1.  Here's an example of the kind of errors
    dannyngo> I'm getting:

    dannyngo> g++ -w -Wall -I. -c ggRasterSurfaceTexture.C
    dannyngo> ggRasterSurfaceTexture.C: In constructor   
    dannyngo> `ggRasterSurfaceTexture::ggRasterSurfaceTexture(std::istream&)':
    dannyngo> ggRasterSurfaceTexture.C:58: no matching function for
    dannyngo> call to    `std::basic_istream<char,
    dannyngo> std::char_traits<char> >::get(unsigned char&)'


    dannyngo> Any ideas on the cause of such errors?  Thanks for any
    dannyngo> help!

    dannyngo> Danny Ngo

You can't get a 'unsigned char' out of a 'char' stream directly.

GCC already told you what kind of `get' functions the
std::basic_istream class provides, just select the appropriate one.


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