gcc and string.h

Jonathan Mortimer jonathan.mortimer@ntlworld.com
Wed Nov 7 09:30:00 GMT 2001


I have been trying to compile a piece of software which was originally
written on Mandrake Linux (or Mandrake GNU, whatever it may be!) but am
having difficulty with the functions strdupa and strsep which both are
missing from my string.h  (I assume they are string functions)  Are they
new additions or specific to Linux?  I wonder if they might be custom
functions which someone has written into their own string.h file. Hmm.

I am running Irix 6.5.9m and (I think) successfully converted the
makefile so it compiles up to the point where it cannot resolve these
two functions, because it can't find them!

Do you know what is going on?  Is my gcc too old? (version 2.95.2)

Please help!

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