gcc and string.h

Andrea 'Fyre Wyzard' Bocci fwyzard@inwind.it
Wed Nov 7 11:18:00 GMT 2001

>I have been trying to compile a piece of software which was originally
>written on Mandrake Linux (or Mandrake GNU, whatever it may be!) but am
>having difficulty with the functions strdupa and strsep which both are
>missing from my string.h  (I assume they are string functions)  Are they
>new additions or specific to Linux?  I wonder if they might be custom
>functions which someone has written into their own string.h file. Hmm.

I've just had a look at the man pages and my glibc's string.h file:
strsep() is not ANSI, so it may not be available in your libraries. Try 
using strtok() ?
strdupa() is clearly a GNU extension (at least it looks so, from the 
__extension__ surround its definition).

I think you can work around this functions, but if you really need the (eg. 
they're heavilt used in your code) - and don't have licensing problems with 
LGPL for your work - you can just grab their source from the GNU library.
Otherwise, you might consider using GNU libc on your IRIX machine.

Hope this helps,
Fyre Wyzard

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