line size on C sources files

BIONDI Philippe
Tue Mar 28 05:19:00 GMT 2000

Hi all,
Is there anywhere on earth a rule/specification/usage that say that a C
source file must not have any line that exceeds 255 characters ?
I remember when my TPascal 4 EDI complained about lines bigger than 128
characters, but I don't know any rule that limit this size (neither posix,
nor ansi..). Am I wrong ? 
Because if such rule exist, gcc cpp is wrong expanding macros on one
(sometimes very long) line, and my Ingres precompiler win the round.
If not, my convictions are right and esqlc is too badly coded ! (and I can
complain to CAI)

best regards, Phil.

Philippe Biondi
Systems administrator
Webmotion Inc.
Fax. (613) 260-9545

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