line size on C sources files

Stephen Frost
Tue Mar 28 05:25:00 GMT 2000

On Tue, 28 Mar 2000, BIONDI Philippe wrote:

> Is there anywhere on earth a rule/specification/usage that say that a C
> source file must not have any line that exceeds 255 characters ?

	Not that I am aware of.  C has always (to my knowledge) completely
ignored whitespace.  gcc certainly doesn't appear to care.

> I remember when my TPascal 4 EDI complained about lines bigger than 128
> characters, but I don't know any rule that limit this size (neither posix,
> nor ansi..). Am I wrong ? 
> Because if such rule exist, gcc cpp is wrong expanding macros on one
> (sometimes very long) line, and my Ingres precompiler win the round.
> If not, my convictions are right and esqlc is too badly coded ! (and I can
> complain to CAI)

	Hrm, sounds like 'esqlc' is badly coded, yes, but I would question if
you actually *need* to have a 255+ line. :)


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