Should g77 accept file extensions .f90 and .f95 ?

Charlie Zender
Tue Sep 5 10:13:00 GMT 2000


Thanks for looking into this.

> 1. *Should* g77 support compiling Fortran source code in files with
>    the extensions .f90 and .f95 (in the end, Fortran 77 is a subset
>    of Fortran 90/95, so it is not unreasonable to have code that's
>    compileable by g77 in files that end in .f90 or .f95).


> 2. If so, should this code be assumed to be free format (i.e. the
>    compile time option -ffree-form be passed to the compiler by
>    default) ?  I've checked that it is possible to override it by
>    entering -fno-free-form.


> 3. Or should g77 refrain from even purporting it has anything to do
>    with Fortran 90/95 and simply refuse to recognise extensions
>    .f90 and .f95 given that GNU Fortran 95 is well under way ?

Of course not. Use g77 until g95 supercedes it.
This means using g77 on fixed-format *.F90 files.
It won't help me but it will help some people.

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