[G95-develop] Should g77 accept file extensions .f90 and .f95?

Andrew Vaught andy@xena.eas.asu.edu
Wed Sep 6 00:26:00 GMT 2000

On Sat, 2 Sep 2000, Toon Moene wrote:

> So a couple of questions come up:
> 1. *Should* g77 support compiling Fortran source code in files with
>    the extensions .f90 and .f95 (in the end, Fortran 77 is a subset
>    of Fortran 90/95, so it is not unreasonable to have code that's
>    compileable by g77 in files that end in .f90 or .f95).
> 2. If so, should this code be assumed to be free format (i.e. the
>    compile time option -ffree-form be passed to the compiler by
>    default) ?  I've checked that it is possible to override it by
>    entering -fno-free-form.
> 3. Or should g77 refrain from even purporting it has anything to do
>    with Fortran 90/95 and simply refuse to recognise extensions
>    .f90 and .f95 given that GNU Fortran 95 is well under way ?
> Please share your thoughts on this matter.

  I think that (3) is the way to go.  Every now and then I hear someone
talk about g95 "replacing" g77, but I think that g77 and g95 should
complement one another.  Let's face it-- a lot of people will continue to
use g77 even after g95 is working fully, for several reasons including
legacy code, an unwillingness to learn fortran 95, or just the fact that
fortran 77 works fine for them.

  In this light, I think that g77 should remain what it has been for the
last several years-- a rock-solid fortran 77 compiler.  I take the view
that g95 will be a gentle coersion to upgrade programs to fortran 95.  I
know that I plan to use it in my own work, but I don't want to force that
view on others.  Most scientists are *not* programmers, and just want
their programs to work.


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