Should people need bison or is that a bug?

Alexandre Oliva
Thu Oct 26 10:09:00 GMT 2000

On Oct 26, 2000, Marco Franzen <> wrote:

> According to < >, people
> should not need bison.

That's no longer true for CVS check-outs, but it's true for releases.

> Also, the comment header of contrib/gcc_update mentions it as one of
> its main purposes.

It should probably be fixed too.

> (In fact, only gcc/java/parse.h is mentioned.)

It shouldn't.

> This is contradictory. Has the policy changed recently (and the web
> page not been updated) or is this simply a bug?

the former.  Would you be kind enough to post a patch to update the
web page and the update script? :-)

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