gcc-2.95.3 April 12 incomplete C++ thunks patch breaks Linux/ia32

David Edelsohn dje@watson.ibm.com
Thu May 18 10:16:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> "H J Lu" writes:

HJ> I am very disappointed at what happened. I don't know why Jeff is
HJ> allowed to do this to Linux.

	Jeff is not "doing" anything to Linux.  It is completely
inappropriate and unprofessional for you to refer to him in that way.
Your self-righteous attitude must end.  It is unfortunate that you have
such a great deal of difficulty interacting with with the rest of the
Linux toolchain development community and then blame everyone else for
this state of affairs and its resulting problems.

	The gcc-2.95.3 has not gone out and things will be fixed before
the release.  The gcc-2.95 branch is a branch to be used for testing in
preparation for a release.


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