problem with 2.95
Mon Sep 6 02:43:00 GMT 1999

Dear gccs,

I have a problem with the new version of gcc+g77 (2.95). 
This problem did not exist with the previuos egcs 1.1.2b.

I have two source files:
- a main program written in fortran,
- some functions written in C++,
both the main (fortran) and the functions (C++) call some fortran functions
that are part of the CERN program library (they are written in fortran
for historic reasons). 

During the link one of the fortran function (qnexte.o) of the CERN library
fails to link these tho functions:


These functions are not part of the cern library, and with egcs 1.1.2b
the link worked well. 

Thank you for attention

valerio filippini
INFN Pavia

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