problem with 2.95
Thu Sep 30 19:57:00 GMT 1999

>During the link one of the fortran function (qnexte.o) of the CERN library
>fails to link these tho functions:
>These functions are not part of the cern library, and with egcs 1.1.2b
>the link worked well. 

I don't believe this is due to changes in the g77 portion of 2.95,
because I don't recognize those functions.

However, perhaps there were incompatible changes relating to gcc or g++ in
2.95 that require recompilation of all code, or use of special compiler
options compiling the "new" code.

Note that the first sentence of yours I quote above leaves some doubt
as to what you mean.  I took it to mean the two functions were reported
by the linker as undefined and referenced from within qnexte.o.  If
you mean something else, you should follow the bug-reporting instructions
(in the FAQ and elsewhere) and resubmit a more detailed report.  Might
be worth doing that anyway, in case the output of the link session,
or the code being compiled/linked, contains something that gets the
attention of somebody here as a culprit.

        tq vm, (burley)

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