can't find stdio, etc. building m68k-coff cross from i586-linux

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Mar 4 10:27:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > >>>>> "Jeffrey" == Jeffrey A Law <> writes:
  >     Jeffrey>   In message < >you
  >     Jeffrey> write:
  >     >> Since at the present time all I really need is the compiler and
  >     >> the "core" run-time library that does no I/O, but just things
  >     >> like handling signed integer arithmetic, etc., is there a way
  >     >> to say --no-runtime-library, or whatever?
  >     Jeffrey> Nope.  No such option :(
  > Would it be reasonable to "trick" the make into using my Linux include 
  > files, even though the resultant library might not actually work, just 
I've done it before, so it is possible.

Copy your headers from /usr/include to <somewhere>, then do something
like this

configure <whatever> --with-headers=<somewhere>

This (of course) is quite dangerous :-)


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