Final end of the `never ending story'? (was: Re: Patch for configuring/building in ${srcdir} (was: Re: Does it work now with my patch? (was: Re: egcs-980221: build fails for shared libstdc++ on HP-UX 10.20)) )

Graham Hudspith
Wed Mar 4 05:04:00 GMT 1998

Manfred Hollstein wrote:
> I believe I have the final fix - this one should be applied _in addition_ to
> the last one:


    I have applied this last patch and rebuilt on SunOS 4 & 5,
    with complete success. Well done!
    The HP-UX build gets past the "build shared libraries" bit
    too (so these patches are good and complete) but now fails
    to link the f2c library. This seems to be some sort of problem
    with the HP make program not understanding about macro
    subsititution with pattern-matching (offending line from
        $(AR) $(AR_FLAGS) $(lib) $(F2CEXT:%=libE77/L%.o)
    The HP make program seems to ignore the :%=libE77/L%.o and
    and try to link 'abort derf derfc ...' into libf2c.a (and
    failing to find any files called such).
    The HP build will work when used with GNU make, I am sure.
    I'll have a little more play with this before raising a
    separate bug report. In the mean time, does anyone else
    come across this with HP make? Are we missing any HP patches?
    Am I using the right version of HP make (in /usr/bin/make)?
    Anyway, well done Manfred!

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