Final end of the `never ending story'? (was: Re: Patch for configuring/building in ${srcdir} (was: Re: Does it work now with my patch? (was: Re: egcs-980221: build fails for shared libstdc++ on HP-UX 10.20)) )

Manfred Hollstein
Wed Mar 4 07:17:00 GMT 1998

On Wed, 4 March 1998, 13:03:34, wrote:

 > Manfred Hollstein wrote:
 > > I believe I have the final fix - this one should be applied _in addition_ to
 > > the last one:
 > Manfred,
 >     I have applied this last patch and rebuilt on SunOS 4 & 5,
 >     with complete success. Well done!

Great, thanks.

 >     The HP-UX build gets past the "build shared libraries" bit
 >     too (so these patches are good and complete) but now fails
 >     to link the f2c library. This seems to be some sort of problem
 >     with the HP make program not understanding about macro
 >     subsititution with pattern-matching (offending line from
 >     libraries/libf2c/Makefile):
 >         $(AR) $(AR_FLAGS) $(lib) $(F2CEXT:%=libE77/L%.o)
 >     The HP make program seems to ignore the :%=libE77/L%.o and
 >     and try to link 'abort derf derfc ...' into libf2c.a (and
 >     failing to find any files called such).

Well, HP's original SW is partly far away from `what is useful, what
do other systems provide that we don't, ...'

 >     The HP build will work when used with GNU make, I am sure.

Of course ;-)

 >     I'll have a little more play with this before raising a
 >     separate bug report. In the mean time, does anyone else
 >     come across this with HP make? Are we missing any HP patches?
 >     Am I using the right version of HP make (in /usr/bin/make)?

Does anybody know if the Fortran stuff is supposed to be buildable
by non GNU make? I'd rather guess, NO.

 >     Anyway, well done Manfred!

Again, thanks.

BTW, Jeff, may I now check this stuff in?


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