2.192 Pragma Unmodified


pragma Unmodified (LOCAL_NAME {, LOCAL_NAME});

This pragma signals that the assignable entities (variables, out parameters, in out parameters) whose names are listed are deliberately not assigned in the current source unit. This suppresses warnings about the entities being referenced but not assigned, and in addition a warning will be generated if one of these entities is in fact assigned in the same unit as the pragma (or in the corresponding body, or one of its subunits).

This is particularly useful for clearly signaling that a particular parameter is not modified, even though the spec suggests that it might be.

For the variable case, warnings are never given for unreferenced variables whose name contains one of the substrings DISCARD, DUMMY, IGNORE, JUNK, UNUSE, TMP, TEMP in any casing. Such names are typically to be used in cases where such warnings are expected. Thus it is never necessary to use pragma Unmodified for such variables, though it is harmless to do so.