2.154 Pragma Rename_Pragma


pragma Rename_Pragma (
         [New_Name =>] IDENTIFIER,
         [Renamed  =>] pragma_IDENTIFIER);

This pragma provides a mechanism for supplying new names for existing pragmas. The New_Name identifier can subsequently be used as a synonym for the Renamed pragma. For example, suppose you have code that was originally developed on a compiler that supports Inline_Only as an implementation defined pragma. And suppose the semantics of pragma Inline_Only are identical to (or at least very similar to) the GNAT implementation defined pragma Inline_Always. You could globally replace Inline_Only with Inline_Always.

However, to avoid that source modification, you could instead add a configuration pragma:

pragma Rename_Pragma (
         New_Name => Inline_Only,
         Renamed  => Inline_Always);

Then GNAT will treat “pragma Inline_Only …” as if you had written “pragma Inline_Always …”.

Pragma Inline_Only will not necessarily mean the same thing as the other Ada compiler; it’s up to you to make sure the semantics are close enough.