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Re: [Tom Browder] Re: libstdc++ Manual in pdf?

> What's up with this?  We use non-free software to generate the PDF
> version of the libstdc++ manual?

Just look at libstdc++-v3/doc/ please. You will see:

doc-pdf: doc-pdf-docbook doc-pdf-doxygen
        cp ${docbook_outdir}/pdf/libstdc++-manual.pdf .
        cp ${doxygen_outdir}/pdf/libstdc++-api.pdf .

# PDF, via dblatex
manual_pdf = ${docbook_outdir}/pdf/libstdc++-manual.pdf
DBLATEX_FLAGS = --dump --verbose --pdf -o ${manual_pdf}
doc-pdf-docbook: doc-pdf-dblatex-docbook

doc-pdf-dblatex-docbook: $(xml_sources) ${docbook_outdir}/pdf
        @echo "Generating pdf dblatex files..."
        dblatex $(DBLATEX_FLAGS) ${top_srcdir}/doc/xml/spine.xml

Or, translating for the lazy, this uses dblatex, which is GPLv2+.
Nothing to see here.


ps. previous releases (pre-4.5) didn't actually support PDF, and did
have options to use prince, apache fop, and various other tools.
Nothing was really standardized. Then dblatex came along with the
correct support for docbook, and libstdc++ switched to it (and made
the necessary markup changes for indexing) as it provided the best
quality output, period. If you can find something better that is also
free I'm all ears.

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