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[Tom Browder] Re: libstdc++ Manual in pdf?

What's up with this?  We use non-free software to generate the PDF
version of the libstdc++ manual?


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On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 19:46, Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:
> Tom Browder <> writes:
>> Does anyone know if the libstdc++ manual is available in pdf?
>> I see the xml sources for docbook, but I haven't found a pdf output
>> yet. ÂAnd I'm not sure it's configured to be built.
>> Someone has some missing pieces because the html is generated by
>> docbook from the xml.

Not docbook, prince (

>> Is that product something that needs a volunteer to make happen in the
>> gcc build system?

Looks like the prince license may be one of the limiting factors (see below).

> You should be able to build it by running "make doc-pdf" in the
> TARGET/libstdc++-v3 build directory. ÂYou need to have some program
> called "prince" installed; I'm not sure where that comes from.

"prince" is not open source,  but a commercial xml/html processor that
seems to allow open source projects a non-paid license.  From the
prince web site (

1.1 Non-commercial license

If this is a Non-commercial license, Licensee may download, install
and use the Software for Non-commercial Purposes on a computer that is
accessible to any number of end users. PDF documents generated by the
Software include notices that identify the Software. Licensee shall
not change or remove these notices or assist or encourage third
parties to remove or change such notices.

When the Non-commercial license is used to routinely generate
documents, a prominent link to the Web site shall be
displayed on the pages from where the generated documents can be
fetched, and in a prominent Web page where business partners are
listed. If PDF documents are sent as email attachments by Licensee,
all email messages must contain the Web address in
the message body.

Sounds to me like converting the libstdc++ doc build process to use
DocBook 5 and Apache Fop (both open source projects) would be a good
thing and enable the libstdc++ docs to be displayed with all the other



Thomas M. Browder, Jr.
Niceville, Florida

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