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Re: gcj seg faulting while trying to compile axis client stack inswt app

Heitzso wrote:

I tried at first to arrange the jars to be compiled such that
dependent classes were compiled first but snagged on  a
class named CatalogManager and I wonder if there's dead
cruft code in xerces because I could not find it in any of the jars.

Java bytecode often expects to be able to run even when not all of its dependencies are available at runtime. It is an ABI problem that gcj cannot cope with such cases. We're working on this.

So I next added the jars to the classpath in addition to
having them in on the 'to be compiled' block of source/class code.

That's when the seg fault occurred.

My guess is the sheer stupendous weight of the xerces/axis/commons-
world crashed gcj.

There is probably a particular .jar that GCJ is having difficultly with. Improving gcj's ability to compile unmodified bytecode is a priority for us right now, so if you can figure out exactly what goes wrong and post a bugzilla report, that would help us.



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