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gcj seg faulting while trying to compile axis client stack in swtapp

subject says most of it
using Mohan Embar's current tool stack
trying to compile a static (!) app that includes the whole
axis client jar framework (7 or so jar files, including xerces pair)
seg faults

My app was geared to go into production as standard java app
(w/o gcj native) when I threw in one axis rpc call and the sheer
bloat sunk the ship (re time required to do a single SOAP call,
and it is the first SOAP call that absorbs the time cost of loading
3 or 4 M worth of axis/xerces/commons-et al jar files)
and I thought to try gcj since w/o the axis soap call I had my app
running with gcj/swt.  Wanted to compile static for simplicity.  The
command line built up from:
set T=C:\blat
set SWT=C:\thisiscool-gcc\gcc-3.4\i686-pc-mingw32\lib\swt-win32-3054.dll
set TOMCAT=C:\blat\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.25
set TC=%TOMCAT%\common\endorsed
set AL=%TOMCAT%\webapps\axis\WEB-INF\lib
set JARS=%TC%\xmlParserAPIs.jar %TC%\xercesImpl.jar %AL%\log4j-1.2.8.jar
    %AL%\commons-logging.jar %AL%\commons-discovery.jar
    %AL%\jaxrpc.jar  %AL%\saaj.jar %AL%\axis.jar
set CPJARS=%TC%\xmlParserAPIs.jar;%TC%\xercesImpl.jar;%AL%\log4j-1.2.8.jar;
set GCJ=gcj -O1 -fno-bounds-check -fno-store-check
   --classpath .;%CPJARS%
cd blat\src\java
set V=singleuser
%GCJ% -o %T%\%V%\BlatBlat.exe %JARS% com/blat/blat/*.java
I tried at first to arrange the jars to be compiled such that
dependent classes were compiled first but snagged on  a
class named CatalogManager and I wonder if there's dead
cruft code in xerces because I could not find it in any of the jars.
So I next added the jars to the classpath in addition to
having them in on the 'to be compiled' block of source/class code.

That's when the seg fault occurred.

My guess is the sheer stupendous weight of the xerces/axis/commons-
world crashed gcj.

I haven't tried building dll from each piece because of a hint that
dlls have more problems than static.  ??

I may try jibxsoap to find something that just works and avoid
the axis perfect world insanity.

BTW, Bruce Tate's and Justin Gehtland's "Better, Faster, Lighter
Java" (O'Reilly) is excellent in smashing what they call our golden
hammers and talking about how a good simple idea often grows
up into an overwhelming beast.   ( ... and I think of the 4M or so
worth of jars I'm having to add to my client to do a single simple
SOAP call ...)

770-538-0963; Mobile: 770-654-5098

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