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Re: Patch: update libgcj configury, try 2

Andreas Tobler wrote:

Thomas Fitzsimmons wrote:

Please test and comment.

I couldn't resist last night :)

At the moment I run a multilib build on ppc linux. Will report too.

Ok, here it is:

Beside, I have to agree with Mohan, that the size of the Makefiles needs to be addressed. We have to find out who bloats the size and if we can reduce it.

Second, another question mark I have are the depcomp and the compile files. (which we 'generate' with automake -a). Those are depending on the version of automake we have installed. I copied over the whole java tree from may darwin machine to my linuxppc machine. And I started without caring about those files. Later the build failed since it couldn't find them (depcomp) So I did a symbolic link from the automake I had there to satisfy the build.

For now this is ok, but if we say that everyone should be able to build gcc without tweaking makefiles. Then we have to either add these two files to cvs or we have to find another solution.

These two things seem to be nitpicking. But I have similar problems with libffi. (depcomp/compile). And maybe someone has a cool solution for ....

Thanks again, and sorry for not being more online :) People know why.


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