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Re: [PATCH] [MinGW]: Reset/Ignore Thread Interruption for Plain[Datagram]SocketImpl

On Dec 14, 2003, at 5:29 PM, Mohan Embar wrote:

+        // Reset and ignore our thread's interrupted flag.
+        // It's not possible to interrupt these sort of
+        // operations on Win32 anyway.
+        ::java::lang::Thread::interrupted();

Yuck! Does the Sun JRE really do this?

On both Linux and Windows, believe it ot not. Depending on which day I wake up in the morning, it either makes sense or doesn't. On the days it makes sense to me, I rationalize it by saying: when you've completed the I/O operation in question, it will never be prematurely (under Sun's JRE); therefore, an interrupt status of true might mislead the caller into thinking that the I/O was somehow prematurely interrupted, which it wasn't.

Yeah, I guess it makes sense if you look at it that way. Oh well.

Like you, I hoped the situation would improve for java.nio, but it
only has somewhat. My channels tests show that under Sun's JRE,
when you interrupt a thread that's blocked under,
you can reliably query the thread's interrupted status immediately
under Linux, but not on Windows.

Surely that behaviour is a bug - it directly contradicts the spec for Selector:

"A thread blocked in one of the select() or select(long) methods may be interrupted by some other thread in one of three ways:
- By invoking the selector's wakeup method,
- By invoking the selector's close method, or
- By invoking the blocked thread's interrupt method, in which case its interrupt status will be set and the selector's wakeup method will be invoked."

If you're interested, take (attached here):

...for a spin under Sun's JRE as well as both pre-patch and
post-patch gcj and see what you think.

Thats a nice test. Have you thought about adapting it into one or more mauve tests?



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