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Re: [PATCH] swing frame fixes

Hi Graydon,

>this patch implements JLayeredPane and makes some minor adjustments to
>JFrame and JRootPane.

Thanks for having written some documentation for the class! Just a
suggestion: Please separate paragraphs by <p> tags. Also, it IMHO would
be better to describe attributes like "position" with the respective
methods (e.g., getPosition), but this may be a matter of personal taste.

Do you have any Mauve test code for your class? This question may sound
malicious, but I really think that we all should writing more test cases.
(This includes myself, I finally should clean up my test suite for

Of course it is boring and takes a lot of time to write stupid test
cases. But if anyone evaluated Classpath in its current state, they'd
probably get quite suspicious about the lack of test cases. Personally, I
wouldn't trust Classpath for anything critical -- not because it's
incomplete, but because so little code is tested by Mauve.

-- Sascha

Sascha Brawer,, 

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