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Re: Patch for Review: Build all libjava .class files at once (UpdatedAgain)

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003, Andrew Haley wrote:
> If we're going to compile all the .calss files in a lump I'm tempted
> to try the same thing with compiling libgcj from source.  We'd do lots
> of inlining and avoid many PLT indirections.  I suppose compiling all
> of libgcj this way would probably be out of the question, but pieces
> with good locality might work well.

I agree.  I had hoped libgcj could do this eventually.  It'll solve part
of the linking problem, that of long command lines, and the overall linker
step may need a bit less memory.  And it'll help avoid a particularly
onerous libtool bug in which libtool invokes ld -r directly, using the
wrong emulation on some targets (ppc64).

It'll also eliminate some duplicate Utf8's, shrinking slightly.

I was unsure of whether libtool would get in the way, i.e. whether
it will allow compiling multiple sources to one object.  I tried it with a
recent libtool and it seems to work.


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