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Re: Patch: Window and Dialog fixes

>>>>> "Tom" == Thomas Fitzsimmons <> writes:

Tom> Please review and comment.

This is pretty good.  I think there are a few problems though.

Tom> 	* java/awt/ Move owned windows logic	to ...
Tom> 	* java/awt/ (ownedWindows, owner, weakThis):	New
Tom> 	fields.

I'm curious about this.  In the current Frame code, ownedWindows is
marked with @serial.  If this field is specified by serialization,
then we either need to keep it in Frame or add readObject/writeObject

Likewise, fields added to a serializable class have to be marked
transient if they aren't mentioned in the serialization spec.

There's a "serialized form" link from each page of Sun's javadoc.

I'd prefer a different implementation of the owned windows code.  It
would be better if we could get rid of Window.finalize().  Also we
shouldn't need the weakThis field, I think.

I think Window.hide() will fail during the window between when the
`weakThis' is cleared and when the actual window is finalized -- this
isn't an atomic operation.  In this situation, I'd expect a
NullPointerException.  Also, it seems like the number of owned windows
could change during the loops in dispose(), hide(), getOwnedWindows(),
etc, as there is no synchronization.

+  /* Apparently a jboolean can have a value greater than 1.  gboolean
+     variables may only contain the value TRUE or FALSE. */

Hmm, when can this happen?  The code looks fine, but I hope the
comment isn't accurate -- a jboolean should only ever be 0 or 1.


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