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Re: [PATCH] PR bootstrap/9330: -pthread required to include <pthread.h> (take 2)

Roger Sayle <> writes:

> Ok for mainline?  Tom, if this is OK could you please apply it for me,
> as I get very nervous about regenerating files and autoconf/automake
> version requirements?  Jim, can I commit the C/C++ bits as originally
> posted?  Many thanks to you both.

Sorry for chiming in so late: please wait with checking in any of this.  As
you pointed out yourself, while the resulting configuration bootstraps, it
shows tons of additional testsuite failures.  This is exactly the reason
why install.texi clearly states

The --enable-threads options isn't supported yet. A patch is in preparation
for a future release.

If users insist on trying a configuration that is declared non-supported,
they get what they deserve ;-)  The basic problem is that the Tru64 UNIX
linker doesn't support weak definitions, unlike typical ELF linkers.  I'm
in the process of dusting off an old patch of mine to work around this, fix
other problems that come up with --enable-threads=posix, and make it the
default if it fully works.  I'm currently hampered by PR c/11397, and see
lots of runtime failures in the libjava testsuite, but all the others (link
failures in libstdc++-v3, libf2c, and libobjc) are gone.


Rainer Orth, Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University

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