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Re: Overwhelmed by GCC frustration

On 07/31/2017 11:23 AM, Segher Boessenkool wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 01:12:41AM +0900, Oleg Endo wrote:
>> I could probably write a similar rant.  This is the life of a "minority
>> target programmer".  Most development efforts are being done with
>> primary targets in mind.  And as a result, most changes are being
>> tested only on such targets.
> Also, many changes require retuning of all target backends.  This never
> happens for those backends that aren't very actively maintained.
Well, I'd claim it's time to jettison some of those backends :-)  I'd
sleep easier at night if we deprecated all the cc0 targets for gcc-8,
then removed them (if they weren't converted) by gcc-9.

Once cc0 is out of the way, then I'd push for doing the same for non-LRA

Yes, it's a bit draconian :-)  BUt if someone wants an m68k compiler (to
pick on one I maintain that wouldn't survive), they can always use an
older version of GCC or do the conversion to bring it up to modern
standards.  Realistically I'll never do it for the m68k, it's just not
important enough relatively to the other stuff on my plate.


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