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Re: 33 unknowns left

On Wed, 26 Aug 2015, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

> I'm a little worried about a couple of commits getting misattributed
> because usernames got retired and reused.  I now have
> ralph = Ralph Loader <>
> but my Google searches suggest that 'ralph' may previously have been
> used by a Ralph Doncaster.  Similarly, I now have

r72576, when he added himself to MAINTAINERS, says Ralph Loader 
<>.  The gcc-cvs mailboxes I'm grepping (starting when I 
first subscribed to gcc-cvs by email in August 2000) show only a few 
commits from him in the period October to December 2003, do you see 
commits in older parts of the history?

> kho = Kim Ho <>

All the commits I see (again, in those gcc-cvs mailboxes) from that 
username are from 2004, Kim Ho <>.

Although a few accounts may have been deleted on sourceware, and 
conceivably account names could have been reused after such deletion, it's 
the parts of the history that come from the gcc2 repository (trunk until 
the start of EGCS, premerge-fsf-branch after that) where there's a greater 
risk of conflicts (as in, the two systems had completely separate passwd 

Joseph S. Myers

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