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Re: 33 unknowns left

Jeff Law <>:
> On 08/26/2015 01:31 PM, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> >>mib = mib <mib>
> Michael Bushnell.  Aagain, not active in forever.
> probably doesn't work anymore.
> >miles = miles <miles>
> Miles Bader.
> >mycroft = mycroft <mycroft>
> Charles Hannum.  Hasn't been active in forever.
> probably doesn't work anymore.

Right, I recognize these people as long-time hard-core GNU
contributors.  It would be a bit surprising if they *weren't* in the
history anywhere.  Adding them now...

For archival purposes it's not so important whether the address still
works.  What we want is to be able to identify these with other
attributions to the same person that might show up in different repo
conversions or on reputation-database sites like OpenHub, and
distinguish them from different people with the name

For this purpose, the important property of the address is that it's
distinctively a GNU one. There are other Michael Bushnells in the world, but
not two with that trait.

> >mkoch = mkoch <mkoch>
> Michael Koch?
> >moore = moore <moore>
> Catherine, Tim?

Since you're not sure of these I'll await confirmation or alternate 

> Might help if we had a reference to one or more changes from the folks.
> Just knowing timeframes for example would likely resolve <moore>.

Right, I'll get on that as soon as I've installed more RAM in the
Beast (ordered from Newegg yesterday).  The 45GB working-set size
triggered an OOM in reposurgeon - something I never thought I'd see.
Even the entire NetBSD repo is less than half that size!

I'm a little worried about a couple of commits getting misattributed
because usernames got retired and reused.  I now have

ralph = Ralph Loader <>

but my Google searches suggest that 'ralph' may previously have been
used by a Ralph Doncaster.  Similarly, I now have

kho = Kim Ho <>

based on the password file, but there may have been previous use of
the name by a Sam Kho.  Not sure which of them to attribute commits to;
possibly they both made some.
		<a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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